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 "It's not unusual to see an entire wedding party clogging the sidewalk along Third  Avenue in Bay Ridge. What is unusual is that they are not filing out of a church, but out of the day spa Pilo Arts, the unofficial wedding party makeover center"- The Daily News

Remember when you were a little girl dreaming of that special day…?

How perfect it would be, the sun would shine, family and loved ones would gather around, and you, the beautiful bride would walk down the aisle to meet your prince.

You've dreamed about your wedding day all your life. For over 30 years , helping you prepare for your wedding day has been Pilo Arts' specialty.  Pilo's Bridal Consultant is always available to assist you with every detail, assuring a beautiful day with no mistakes. For your special day, we want to ensure that you look and feel radiant! Let our artistic stylists create a one-of-a-kind hair design, and our professional makeup artists give you a flawless complexion for your wedding portrait. It is always recommended that our Brides book a tryout prior to their Wedding date.