Pilo Arts, New York's premier Salon and Day Spa, is the definitive authority on hair, beauty, and wellness in the North East. A member of Intercoiffure and ISPA, Pilo Arts' hair color specialist are the leading hair color artists in the country. Pilo's award winning beauty services include highlighting, coloring, haircuts, facials, massage, body treatments.

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Pilo Arts Salon
Member of
Intercoiffure Mondial
Paris • Tokyo • London • Roma • New York • Berlin

Known for being the elite amongst well trained, experienced and talented hair designers,
Pilo Arts Salon wants to invite you to experience our renowned artistry.

New York City's premier award winning salon would like to
introduce you to our talented staff of Artistic, Master & Creative Stylists:

I want to thank you for your support of Pilo Arts, which has allowed us to service
New York City since 1978.  It is your belief and trust in Pilo as a
beauty industry leader that has allowed us to continue.
Wishing you peace, tranquility and love,
Elena Solitario, Founder - Pilo Arts Salon

Pilo Arts, New York's premier Salon and Day Spa, is the definitive authority on hair, beauty, and wellness in the North East. A member of Intercoiffure and ISPA, Pilo Arts' hair color specialist are the top hair color artists in the country. Pilo's award winning beauty services include highlighting, coloring, haircuts, facials, massage, body treatments.

SINCE 1978

 Pilo Arts has committed itself to excellence,
not only in customer service, but in the quality of services that it provides.

Featured in The New York Times, The Daily News, The New York Post, Cosmo Girl,
W Magazine, Day Spa Magazine, Salon Today, Salon News,
Radio "WKTU 103.5", TV Series "Change of Heart", and many others,
 Pilo Arts continues to be one of New York City's finest Colour Salons & Day Spas.


WWW.PILOARTS.COM  (718) 748-7411
8412  Third Avenue,  Bay Ridge,  Brooklyn.,  N.Y.  11209

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Mo is one of the best hairstylists
by Maureen321 at Citysearch  on 3/5/12
I have been going to Pilo Arts for many years and have always gotten great cuts and color. However, my regular stylist was absent due to pregnancy and I was given Mo as my colorist and stylist. He is GREAT. I got such a great haircut and the color is fabulous. I praise him highly for his talents and his ability to please his customers. Thanks Mo!!!!!
Maureen Scaramell
I like it

by Mon Plaisir at Citysearch on 02/12/12

I like it,my hair looks great. Thank you.
YELP filtered 1/23/2012
by Brooklynbaby R. Manhattan, NY
Mo cuts and Brazilian blowout my him!!
Posted on 12/11/11
I went to Pilo Arts for the first time last week and my experience was an amazing one. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with smiles, everybody was
Pilo arts
by Tina36 at Citysearch on 1/17/12
After searching for several years, I have finally found a salon which provides me with all the necessary facilities and accommodations that I need when it comes to getting a decent haircut. Pilo arts provides a terrific ambience with warm and friendly staff members whose main function is to assist clients to feel comfortable and relaxed while having their hair styled by some of the best stylists on this planet. I was fortunate enough to reconnect with Danielle, a kind and talented hair stylist, who I had the pleasure of working on my hair for some time when she was at another salon. Clearly her ability has improved significantly, and I am thrilled to have found her at pilo arts in bay ridge brooklyn. I can highly recommend Danielle to anyone who wants a professional hair treatment from one of the best stylists in this City. For any female who wants to receive only the best will want Danielle for this purpose. Don't wait another moment. Get on over to pilo arts Salon quickly as possible....!!
by joanmom3 at Citysearch on 02/09/12
YELP filtered 1/23/2012
by Edith H. Staten Island, NY
This is the second time posting. Don't know why yelp puts it in the filters. What validity does my review have if the pick and choose what to post. To read all the great reviews click on the filtered link below.
What an AMAZING salon. I throughly enjoyed my experience there. They far exceed, by a big stretch, any salon I have been to in Manhattan and Bay Ridge.
Pilo Arts, from the minute I walked in was buzzing. A busy salon means a popular salon with a large happy clientele.
I was greeted with a smile, offered a drink, and my coat was taken and hung. I sat down in pure bliss, thinking to myself "now this is luxury." as I nibbled on the pretzels provided.
I barely sat waiting for more than 5 mins before being led away to the wash basin where I got the most incredible shampoo - I love head massages. After my wash I was taken to my stylist Paul who gave me an incredible color, cut and blow out, I walked out there feeling like I was on top of the world. What was amazing too was they ran on time despite how busy they were.
Pilo arts, I love you guys and can't wait to come back. Your prices are low considering what a top notch salon you are and I am impressed by all your awards, I can see why you are ranked as one of the top 5 color salons in NY. I can't wait to come back for another 5 star treatment and will def spread the word to my fellow colleagues, friends and family members.
I went to Pilo Arts for the first time…
Provided by
Posted by Krullio on 12/11/2011
I went to Pilo Arts for the first time last week and my experience was an amazing one. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with smiles, everybody was so friendly. They have great service they make sure that u are taken care of. Alessandra did my hair I loved it and from what I saw every stylist in there does beautiful work. This is my new favorite place, they have great promotions going on right now...$15 blowouts I recommend everyone go to Pilo u are gonna love it!!!
Can't get enough of this salon!
by colorfull at Citysearch on 1/14/12
Love coming to this place.
Always welcomed with a hot cup of coffee.
Always on time with my appointment.
Just a comfortable salon.
I had a mani pedi birthday party for my sister here.
They bent over backwards for us.
I cant wait to go back and treat myself.
by 23and25 at Citysearch on 1/13/12
I just moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan to raise a family and was of course worried about finding a close to home salon.
My hair is hilighted and layered cut.
My neighbor said the only place to go is Pilo. So I took a chance and walked in to make the appointment.
Very pretty decor and some smiley faces.
I said to myself "This is good".
So I asked if they could take now. I lucked out.
Their colorist Don had a cancelation and took me rite away.
I wont bore u with the details. But after he did his magic with foils and some sort of low lites he escorted me over to a stylist named Nina.
The consultation was great and she did her magic with her scissors.
As she was finishing Don came over to check his work.
The haircut complimented the color and visa versa!
Before i left i booked a massage for my husband in their spa.
I highly recommend this place.
YELP filtered 1/21/2012
by Jaime A. Brooklyn, NY
I have been going to Pilo Arts for many years now. The five star service starts as soon as you walk in to the minute you leave. First being greeted by the staff at the front desk. Always being offered something to drink and even to snack on while you wait just a short time for your pampering service to begin. Never waited more then 5 minutes.
Every time I walk into the salon there are always crowds of people getting pampered just like me. Usually clients that keep coming back over and over again just because the services are top notch. (Nothing better)
Now being a mom to a busy toddler I look forward to heading out to Pilo Arts for my day of pampering. You can always count on anyone of the experienced employees at Pilo Arts to help keep you up with today's hair and makeup.
I highly recommend anyone looking for a amazing salon with top notch employees try Pilo Arts. You won't be disappointed and I bet you will continue going back.
Wedding Wire
Kate 12/11/2011
I went to Pilo Arts for the first time last week and my experience was an amazing one. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with smiles, everybody was so friendly. They have great service they make sure that u are taken care of. Alessandra did my hair I loved it and from what I saw every stylist in there does beautiful work. This is my new favorite place, they have great promotions going on right now...$15 blowouts I recommend everyone go to Pilo u are gonna love it!!!
I travel all the way to Brooklyn for Pilo
by kerriann7 at Citysearch on 12/16/11
I live in New Jersey but travel for my hair appointments to Brooklyn for Jayne Chillo at Pilo. The environment is always welcoming, I've never not been offered multiple drinks or food while waiting for Jayne (which has never been long either). The salon is clean, comfortable, stylish, and always friendly. It is always a pleasure to go and relax at Pilo. I look forward to my trips there because I always feel pampered.

Jayne tried her first ombre treatment on me and I loved it! It was first done last March and has still stayed until now. I let Jayne suggest me what she thinks will be a good fit for my hair and color and after so long as her customer, I completely trust her skill and opinions. She has the ultimate ombre expertise! She is educated and trained with the best and even does shows to present her work and teach. Jayne has never steered me wrong with my hair.
Jayne Chillo at Pilo #1 Hair Salon and Hair Stylist!!!!
by GracieC at Citysearch on 12/15/11
Jayne Chillo Best Salon and Hair Stylist! Pilo has a very warm and inviting feeling. Jayne knows what is right for me even when I don't know what I should do. She has always given me the best hair cut, and color. I would only go to her, she makes me feel like I am her most important client. Jayne, does wonderful updo's, she added extensions to my hair, you would never have known, my husband loved it! Jayne is on top of the lastest fashion and styles. I highly recommend Jayne at Pilo arts for any important affair or if you just want to look and feel beautiful, you won't be disappointed!! Gracie
YELP filtered 1/19/2012
by Pamela F. Manhattan, NY

The best experience of getting my hair done i love my new hair cut and how they straightened my hair so well ill be coming back :)
Posted on 12/03/11

I walked into Pilo Arts today on a whim , new to town and all and let me tell you was i blown away by the impeccable service i recieved .
jayne chillo is the best !
by danielle1214 at Citysearch  on12/13/11
i go to jayne chillo for my haircut, and it comes out absolutely amazing. i love the haircuts, and the highlights look fantastic everytime ! im always looking foward to going to her, and i can just go in and get a nice trim for my bangs and they come out perfect. she is even doing my hair for my sweet 16 and im so excited because i know it's going to come out absolutely amazing !
The name of the Salon speaks for itself .
by TracyGrl at Citysearch on 12/11/11
Can i tell you all how impressed i was , lets start with i have not been to Pilo Arts in almost 6 years . I recieved a few phones calls with great deals . Lately i have been thinking of switching hair stylists , it was faith. I walked in and right away was greeted with smiles and offer of coffee , tea , wine , cheese and crackers. The new front desk made me feel so at home and cozy , Elena the owner was there as she always is and was so nice to see her and herself taking care of her bussiness. Shortly after Dimitri greeted me and brought me over to Nina what a women very attentive and gave me the best hair cutting consult. The shampoo i had was by far the best ever . Nina gave me an amazing haircut and the blowout was just as good . I came in on a very busy day and got to see all the stylist work and each person in there had there own style and edge , there work looked beautiful. I will be returning to the salon with nina often , just so you all know the whole creative team is now having a 15.00 blow out special..
YELP filtered 1/19/2012
by Danielle C. Staten Island, NY
Perfect place to get your hair done, I felt as if I was royalty! They did a great job I truly enjoyed my experience there!!!
Wedding Wire
jackie6 12/01/2011
pilo arts is amazing and really made my day feel so special, they opened the salon early for me & all my girls! we got to set up our breakfast on a table in a private room and the staff were all so helpful, everything ran smoothly & we were even done earlier then anticipated! absolutely recommend using them for your wedding day!
I love Pilo Arts
by Krullio at Citysearch on 12/11/11
I went to Pilo Arts for the first time last week and my experience was an amazing one. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with smiles, everybody was so friendly. They have great service they make sure that u are taken care of. Alessandra did my hair I loved it and from what I saw every stylist in there does beautiful work. This is my new favorite place, they have great promotions going on right now...$15 blowouts I recommend everyone go to Pilo u are gonna love it!!!
I love Stefano !!
by crmn at Citysearch on 03/31/11
I have been going to him for 5 years now and I love HIM, HE IS GREAT ... PILO ARTS YOU ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HIM THERE !!!
YELP filtered 1/18/2012
by Mary N. Allentown, NJ
Great place! I have been a customer for over 20 years! Thank you Pilo for being the constant in my life!
Provided by
Posted by MicheleBelle on 05/08/2011
by Nconsumer at Citysearch on 12/9/09
Mr Labarca,
Firstly, I just wanted to take this opportunity, After recognizing you the other night at "Uncle Vinny's comedy club" to CONGRATULATE you and your absolutely STUNNING fiance on the upcoming arrival of your son. If he looks anything like the 2 of you he's going to be one handsome little boy.
Secondly, it's been years, since I moved to Staten Island, that I was last in Pilo. Seeing you, and dare I say, better half ;-) reminded me of what great people work there which has inspired me not to be lazy and take the drive into brooklyn to experience you outstanding services. I say OUTSTANDING because when I went there, I received nothing but that and am confident nothing has changed in that domain.
I am looking forward to returning to your salon. I wish you and fiance all the best with the baby, and a very happy and healthy 2010 :-)
the greatest!
by niveasony at Citysearch on 3/30/09
people dont listen too what people write on this.
if you went there then you would know how you feel, pilo arts treats you like your a princess.
i always go here, for my color and haircut.
Don is the best colorist ever,
and my hairdresser (i don't want to use her name) but she always get my hair perfect and smooth.
I go to Pilo because i love their serivce, and i am happy.
Pros: Example: best croissants in town
Cons: What are the drawbacks?
YELP filtered 1/17/2012
by E R. Brooklyn, NY
Great Mens hair cut I think everyone should see Danielle she makes you feel at home....
Wedding Wire:
dbiondi 09/24/2010
My amazing hair was done by Dayna, and my amazing makeup was done by Suzanne. Absolutely stunning work. I love Pilo Arts everyone treats you like a princess and even though its alittle pricey its worth the cost to feel beautiful on your wedding day. I highly recommend them!
Great place for a retreat!
by organist4ever at Citysearch 3/29/09
I have recently had my hair colored by Don and styled by Mohammed. These two gentlemen made my day when they put their professional touch on my red-head trusses! Also a few weeks prior...I have received an indulging facial from Bella whom I have been going to for years. I felt so pampered and relaxed that I did not want to wake up when the treatment was over. She also does the best waxing services this side of down state New York! Give them a'll be pleased trust me! The front desk staff is also very friendly and courteous!
Pros: Best Hair Stylists, Colorists and Aestheticians in NY!
Cons: parking
by v8girl at Citysearch on 3/23/09
Cons: NONE
YELP filtered 1/17/2012
by Kristen F. Staten Island, NY
Pilo Arts Day Spa and Salon is the best salon you can go to in Brooklyn or Staten Island. I have been going to this salon for years and love it. The Staff is friendly and nice, always trying to make you feel good and wants you to have a great experience from the time you walk in the door to when you are ready to leave. The service I love the most at Pilo is getting my hair done. Recently I have been seeing Danielle Pietroluongo for my hair services and this stylist is amazing. From cutting to color she knows her stuff. I have been getting highlights for over 3 years and have been wanting to do something different, but anyone i saw would tell me stuck to highlights it looks good on you and brings out your eyes. My husband has always wanted me to go darker with my hair color and people would always tell me don't do it your skin is too fair and you will look pale and morbid. I told Danielle i wanted something different and told her my concerns with going darker but she picked out an awesome color and made me feel so comfortable I trusted her judgement as a professional. I was so happy with the results. My hair looks so healthy and shiny with my new color, also it gave me a new look. All my friends can't stop telling me how much they love my hair darker & I think the darker hair makes my eye color stand out more. Now I have been back to her about 3 times for touch ups and every time it looks better then the last. She knows her stuff when it comes to color and picking color that will compliment your skin type and features to make you look beautiful. She is also very good at cutting and styling. I recently went to a wedding and went to see Danielle the morning of the wedding. I told her I wanted my hair styled but I did not want anything fancy as an up-do. Well she made me look and feel sexy and beautiful the way she waved and curled my hair. It was bouncy and lasted all night. All I have to say is go see her, she listens to what her customer wants but also gives suggestions on how to make the style work for them. Her prices are also very reasonable, you can't go wrong.
Wedding Wire
anna 01/09/2010
Stephanie Gambino for Hair and Suzanne for Makeup. No one is better! Stephanie has been doing my hair for 10 years now and I always get compliments at a event. Suzanne airbrushed my makeup, used fillers for my lashes and it lasted all day.
by gigibotz at Citysearch on 3/22/09
by nicolet at Citysearch on 3/22/09
I was reffered to a hairdresser named Maria by my granddaughter. She was so accomodating she actually came in from Staten Island on HER DAY OFF to give me a haircut! She listened and did exactly what I wanted! They gave me a complimentary conditioning treatment along with a mini makeup application, done by Susan, also a very pleasant woman! Besides the hairdresser and make up artist I was taken by the front desk customer service! The owner made me a delicious capuccino as well! OVERALL.. GREAT SERVICE! FRIENDLY PEOPLE! WONDERFUL ATMOSPHRE TO BE IN! I WILL DEFFINATLY BE GOING BACK!
YELP filtered 1/16/2012
by Betty O. Brooklyn, NY
Heard thru a friend this was the place to go.
Friendly staff.
I felt comfy. My stylist was on time and spot on with my hair cut.

Im going to try their spa next time which has some new waxing technique.

Pilo services are not high priced as some might think.

Go for sure.
by far the best salon experience
by satisfied customer at on 10/13/2008
Pilo Arts is by far the best salon experience I have had in all of the metro area. I have lived in Manhattan for 13 years and have visited many top notch salons. Pilo blew me away. Their service was exceptional, the price, compared to what I pay in manhattan, was relatively inexpensive and I walked out feeling like a million dollars. I now commute to Brooklyn every time I need my hair done, a facial or massage. I have and would highly recommend Pilo Arts. GREAT JOB keep it up.
by meandonlyme at Citysearch on 3/20/09
I drove my wife to try another hair place. This time it was in Brooklyn. We are from Manhattan. I was not sure why she picked this palce. But i soon found out.
I droped her off a looked for a parking spot on 3rd ave, which was not easy. Finally i walked into the salon and my wife had checked in with the front desk after waiting on a small line. Imediatly were were wisked away to this most fabulous waiting area. Available was almost any refreshment or snack available. A gentle men walked in and asked where i parked and if i would need anybody to watch my meter. NICE! I dont know how they do it. The place was jammed and it was a thursday. But everything was moving smoothly. They came for my wife and she began what she told me later was a dream salon come true. A while later a person came by and told me not to worry about my meter -it was taken of. The colorist came over soon later and told me her color was processing and she would be getting her haircut soon. About 45 min later another person told me my wife was almost finnished and i could meet her in the front of the place. And sure enough she appeared and looked great. After she paid someone wisked her over to a makeup applier and got a complimentry makeup. Really nice people. I still cant figure out how they do it. 2 very attrative women, i think they were managers thanked us for coming. And said hope to see you again. They will.
Pros: Great value, service
Cons: Very busy, had to wait in line to check in
Worth Every Penny!!! Felt Like a Vacation!!
by Sxybbychris at Citysearch on 2/6/09
I was at pilo arts just yesterday getting services done. I decided that I work too hard and it was time for a "Christina Day." Upon entering, I was greeted with smiles of radiance and such great courtesy. The assistant came to get me, and I was ready to be washed and soon to look and feel fabulous in a matter of minutes. When I sat in Mo's chair, he smiled and introduced himself and got straight to the point of asking ME what it was that I wanted. I had brought a cut out of the color and stlye I was looking for and he got to work. Throughout my time in his chair, he interacted with me, making sure that I was happy with the services. The color came out amazing, far better then what I had expected it to be, as was the cut, which he cut perfectly down to the last strand of hair. It was an overall wonderfull experience and I will surley be returning again.
Pros: Good service, cheery and polite staff
YELP filtered 12/15/2011
by Linda m. Brooklyn, NY
I go to monica for my haircut, and it comes out absolutely amazing. i love the haircuts, and the highlights look fantastic everytime ! im always looking foward to going to her, and i can just go in and get a nice trim for my bangs and they come out perfect. she is even doing my hair for my sweet 16 and im so excited because i know it's going to come out absolutely amazing !
by a Yahoo! Local User 02/01/2006
 The people here were so friendly an my nails look so good. I can't wait to go back again. I am going to tell all my friends to go to Pilo!
by byrdge at Citysearch on 9/5/08
best massage here...can't remember my masseuses name but ask for the little one. she does great deep tissue massage
fabulous- my new favorite spot!
by jingi26 at Citysearch on 10/23/06
I had been meaning to get a facial for some time & I am so glad I finally did it! I have instantly become a regular customer. I don't know what these other reviews are talking about- the entire front desk staff was nothing but polite and helpful. I stopped in to make an appointment during the 3rd Ave Festival and didn't know who to go to. I couldn't have been happier with Yolanda- she is amazing and couldn't be sweeter. I am a former hairstylist and worked in a spa for years- I know how these places often work & was expected an attempt at an upsell but I never got one- not even for products (but I bought lots of Dermalogica anyway!). I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Pilo Arts. Go and relax and you will be happy.
Pros: Yolanda, Dermalogica
Cons: ???
YELP filtered 12/12/2011
by Sandy D. Brooklyn, NY
I just want to say that I have been to this salon several times, and every time that I come here, I am not only treated great, but I leave here looking beautiful. When you look good, you feel good, and the stylists here understand this. They take the time to sit down with me, and ask me what i like and what i dont like, and this makes me feel like we are communicating well. Everytime I decide to try a new hair style or color, my stylist advises me to bring a picture with me. It is great to get what I want, and also to learn how to keep up with the style. Don't hesitate to come here. You will be so happy that you did!
Paul Beautifes me everytime!!!
by a Yahoo! Local User 01/30/2006
 Everytime I leave the salon after seeing Paul, I feel fabulous! Noone has ever cut my hair the way he does. He asks first and then proceeds to do exactly what you want, but better than you could've imagined! His staff is friendly, courteous and helpful. It's always blast going to Pilo!
Tania is fantastic!
by jgrazina at Citysearch on 8/2/06
Tania did a fabulous job on my hair and its not an easy cut either! I've been going to the same hairstylist for years and was leery about switching but Tania took her time with me-evaluated my face recommended the best length, layers, style, etc.........And the result was exceptional! Thanks for a stress free mood elevating experience!!
Pros: service, speed, skill
Don is King of Color and Tania is Queen of Hair!
by lilmissapprentice at Citysearch on 3/7/06
I have been going to Don for my color and Tania for my hair for months now! Don's color knowledge, and expertise has turned my hair color from loud to sophisticated! Tania's hair knowledge and expertise has turned my hair from botch total modern classiness! Marie Antoinette is a side kick for Don that treats you like royalty, and she should be a perfect example to all up and coming apprentices in the salon. Her hair treaments and shampoo techniques are top knotch and the main reason why I specifically make my color and hair appointments on Thursdays. The finishing touches that are done courtesy of the make-up enhance my straight out the magazine look! I love you all! Don't Change...Keep up the Great Work! Just hire a valet to park my SUV, and my parking troubles will be over!
Pros: Well Trained Staff, Calming Atmosphere, Near my house
Cons: Parking, Parking, Parking
jackie d. December 11, 2011 at INSIDERPAGES
i love pilo! no matter who i see iam always extremely satisfied! the place is always packed with people and very "happening", and they make you feel really important from the minute you walk in the door! From the cappucinos, amazing shampoos, great stylists & even a coat check theres no reason to ever go anywhere else! Pilo has it all!!
Beautiful updo's:
by collasi45 at on 01/29/2006
The salon was great .I got married last month just want to say they do such great updo's. If you need any type of updo or down do, this is the place to go.
by monica10 at Citysearch on 1/12/06
My Spa experience here is wonderful. I get the absolute best facials-each time I try something new.The cozy atmosphere makes you feel good.You won't want to leave.Where else can you drink green tea while listening to soft relaxing music ??Mariola - YOU ARE THE BEST.
Pros: Best Facialist, Best prices
Cons: no parking
I love Pilo Arts
by flags at Citysearch on 1/11/06
I have been going to pillo for 9 years now. I love the changes we go threw. Everytime i go out of there i feel liike a new person. Olympia Dibenedetto my haristylists is amazing. I wouldnt change her for any one else. Her skills combined with her additude helps me chose the best look for me.
Pros: friendly, caring , intelligent
YELP filtered 12/11/2011
by Kate R. Brooklyn, NY
I went to Pilo Arts for the first time last week and my experience was an amazing one. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with smiles, everybody was so friendly. They have great service they make sure that u are taken care of. Alessandra did my hair I loved it and from what I saw every stylist in there does beautiful work. This is my new favorite place, they have great promotions going on right now...$15 blowouts I recommend everyone go to Pilo u are gonna love it!!!
Don Orlando Hair Colorist:
by dbo1959 at on 01/23/2006
I had been to another salon and they ruined my hair. It was Sunday and i freaked. I was driving down 3rd av and saw someone walk out of a Pilo Arts with great hair color. When i entered i knew i was in good hands. i was greated by a handsome gent named Don. He eased my pain by explaining exactly what needed to be done to correct my hair catastrophe. When my hair was blown afterward i knew this is my new salon 4 ever.
wow! Im impressed
by ledri at Citysearch on 1/4/06
From the first day i stepped into this wonderful place, i was amazed! they treat you so well, and leave you smiling for the rest of the day. The staff members are kind, and the they will make you feel so beautiful and special. I RECCOMMEND this place to everyone. Please try it, you wont regret it. Every service that I had so far, it was amazing! I wouldnt change this place for anything.
No place I'd rather go ...
by mrsjmac108 at Citysearch on 12/20/2005
I've been going to Pilo for over five years and I won't go anywhere else.
I go to Olympia for cut and color ... and I always get what I want.
She's the best, very honest, very helpful, amazing eye for color and always always give the best cuts ... Olympia did my up do for my wedding years ago ... I knew then I'd be a lifelong client. Everyone at Pilo is so friendly, great attitudes, excellent skill (and a great cup of cappuccino!!!) I always feel taken care of at Pilo.
From a true New Yorker ... Bravo Pilo !!!!
Pros: skilled staff, friendly staff
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
I love Pilo
Kate r. December 11, 2011 at INSIDERPAGES
I went to Pilo Arts for the first time last week and my experience was an amazing one. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with smiles, everybody was so friendly. They have great service they make sure that u are taken care of. Alessandra did my hair I loved it and from what I saw every stylist in there does beautiful work. This is my new favorite place, they have great promotions going on right now...$15 blowouts I recommend everyone go to Pilo u are gonna love it!!!
i love this place:
by a Yahoo! Local User on 01/18/2006
as soon as i entered pilo i was swept to the spa where i recieved a wonderful facial by bella and a faboulas massage by leo. i then was put into the showers, where jets hit me from every angle. it was so relaxing!!!!!! i will come back every 3 weeks to pamper myself, i deserve it....
The Best Salon
Posted by lalamido1972 at Citysearch on 12/18/2005
Great Salon and Staff, people are friendly and the service is great. Front desk is so beautiful. I wish to spend all my life beetwen them. Stylists are very recommended.
Pros: warm welcome, great wine
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Every visit is a special treat..
Posted by loladotcom at Citysearch on 12/15/2005
Every experience at Pilo is always wonderful. The front desk is always inviting. The managers are always extremely accommodating. The styling is exceptional. The spa relaxing. Pilo's make-up artists always provide services which enhance my natural beauty....The list goes on.... I usually go weekly for a blow out.. When my usual stylist isn't available, the receptionists refer me to someone else, and am always satisfied. Never one bad experience. Highly recommended.
Pros: Warm welcome, Wine
Cons: Parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
YELP 8/14/2011

by Janine C. Brooklyn, NY

Recently I've gone in and had my hair cut by both Nina and Dara. Dara was really quick and the cut was great and grew out well. Nina wasn't as fast but she gave me the best cut I've ever gotten! I am definitely going back to her!
What an experience!!: Wow!!
a Yahoo! Local User on 01/18/2006
All I have to say is that I'm definitely going back! I went for my first visit to Pilo Arts afterreceiving a gift certificate for Christmas. I had an entire day of beauty & now feel like a million bucks!! It was relaxing, and I met so many wonderful people. I HIGHLY recommend that you go & check this place out if you've never been there (if you haven't, then you're deprived)!! I'm so happy I discoved this place...I can't wait to go back!!!!!!
awesome experience
Posted by stefanie77 at Citysearch on 12/14/2005
Was very sceptical about changing my salon of 20 plus years, I felt unconfortable but once I entered the salon and was greated and felt at home. My recomendation was high but I had even higher expectations. For the least they were fulfilled and then some, I changed my style of 20 years and my normal colour of 10 years to a new younger me and I LOVE IT. Thank you Stefanie your new client Marie.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Good for Kids cuts!
Posted by 2boyz at Citysearch on 12/14/2005
I have 2 crazy little boys and they can be a handful sometime, so when i take them to get a haircut I prepare for the worst. But at Pilo Arts, The staff was very accomodating to them and myself. Not to mention Patient. Ivan Gave them both great haircuts and made them feel comfortable. I also got a haircut and his assistant kept my boys entertained while i relaxed for a bit. So if you got kids and need a day of haircuts, go to Pilo!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
YELP 4/24/2011
by Janine C. Brooklyn, NY
I've gone to this salon on and off for the past 12 years. I moved out New York for seven years but still went to get my hair done there while visiting every few months. I used to frequently get my hair cut and highlighted there and they always did a fantastic job. I haven't been coloring my hair for the past year but still go in every two months for a trim and they always do a fabulous job. I don't have a regular stylist there but have never gotten a bad cut or color there.

The salon itself can be kind of busy but the staff is accommodating and I've always received excellent service. Everything from checking your coat when you get there to offering a drink while waiting for color to process! I'm not sure if they still do training days, but they used to offer extremely discounted cuts and colors on Tuesdays by their students. The students were always supervised - sometimes it took a bit longer but they always did a fine job. Make sure to book an appointment for training days - they are always full.

My only negative experience was getting a Brazilian wax there a few years ago. The esthetician was not very nice and she was pretty rough. I let her know that she was hurting me but she didn't seem to care. I wouldn't ever go back there for a wax but it is my go to place for cut and color.
Spa Delight!:
by a Yahoo! Local User on 01/17/2006
My experience at the Pilo Arts spa was absolutely incredible. The spas I have been to in Manhattan cannot compare to this one. The service is immaculate and the envoirment is very welcoming. The employees are very professional, skilled, and courteous. I highly recommend this spa to anyone who is seeking a day of luxury and relaxation.
it gets better and better!
Posted by brnagn at Citysearch on 12/14/2005
I have found my favorite place to go when i feel stressed or unhappy. Its Pilo Arts of course! Stefano is amazing and gives you exactly what you want and gives fabulous blowouts! The front desk is so friendly and right on top of things. I just recently went for a facial with Sara. My skin is amazing and glowing thanks to her advice on how to take care of it. All i have to say is Thank god for Pilo Arts!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
You have to try it!
Posted by bignik12 at Citysearch on 12/14/2005
I just moved to Bay Ridge and I came accross Pilo Arts while eating at a nearby restaurant. The beautiful girls at the front desk caught my eye and I went in to ask about prices (I needed an excuse). I ended up getting my hair cut that same night. Not only did I have a great time but I think I got the best haircut ever. You have to try it! I highly recommend it.......
Pros: Hot Girls, Great Service, Accommodations
Cons: Can't think of any
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
YELP filtered 6/17/2010
by Graziella R. Brooklyn, NY
I recently had the Brazilian Hair treatment done and it is Great! The Service was very attentive and professional, and I will definitely go back!
Pilo Arts is the Best:
by suela at on 01/14/2006
I love Pilo Arts. I go there all the time and i am always very satisfied. The service is great. Especially the shampoos that the assistances give are amazing. They put you to sleep. Everyone there is helpful and polite. Those are the reasons why i always go there.
what a great experience!
Posted by flshlite at Citysearch on 12/14/2005
Ive been going to Pilo Arts for years. They are still just as welcoming, professional and fantastic as they were the first day I walked in. Albert my buddy and hairdresser has been and probably always will give me a great cut. His assistants are great, helpful and very attentive. I would recommend Pilo any day!
Pros: good looking ppl, great environment, close to home
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Creativity & positive atmosphere
Posted by harmonyoflight at Citysearch on 12/12/2005
Definitely not a typical Brooklyn Spa. It is more of an upscale European Spa in its great tradition & of the Greenwich Village style where genuine friendliness, all welcome, artistically inclined with a touch of imagination and freedom is felt.
The uniques atmosphere of the holistic massage room is awesome and well suited for those who need more than a typical accommodations: the water fountain, crystals with prismatic light, and the surround sound with ambient and light trance sounds of Europe put you literally in a trance. Drinks are offered for free, private lockers, and a shower combined with a steam infused with essential oils given complimentary after the Spa treatments add the effect of forgetting the problems of everyday life and entering a retreat for the calming of the mind and body. A unique place slightly ahead of its time.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Great Salon!!
By Sarah M. at Brooklyn Daily Eagle on 2/4/10
This is a wonderful Salon. Are they pricey?? Yeah...but all the good Salons in Bay Ridge are! I started out with day she was busy, so I used Mo....and have gone to him ever since. He's a creative stylist, so his cut costs a little under $50. But here's why I love this salon....I hadn't had a haircut in a they sent me an email asking what they could do to get me back in. I told them that I wanted a discount....well, they did one better---A complimenarty haircut!! Plus, when I went to get my free haircute, I got a voucher for a free manicure! Now, that's a good they always have some promo going on if you sign up on their email list.
The Sweetest Perfection:
by marek at on 01/12/2006
 I Love Pilo Arts. Mariola gave me Excellent service.The staff was professional very friendly and very helpful ,talented, knowledgeable. I was so impressed . Thank You Pilo. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this salon to ANYONE!!
perfect haircut
Posted by poplas at Citysearch on 12/12/2005
I went to the Pilo Arts as I needed my hair cutting that particular day, I was more than satisfied with the results, my look was so fresh and funky, suited my face shape really well and the service I was given was fantastic.
Pros: great service, good value, friendly
Cons: parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by cappella at Citysearch on 12/09/2005
That day ive been dreaming about all my life...Was made PERFECT at Pilo Arts. Olympia did an amaaaazing job on my hair. i got compliments all night on how beautiful it was. I would definitely go back for any occasion.
Cons: parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Best Facial!!!!!  5 stars
by amira at Insiderpages on 2/3/10
I visited Pilo Arts because I needed a facial so bad. I had so many blackheads and whiteheads that made my skin break out every day and needed to remove them. Everytime I went for a facial in Staten Island they ended up making my face worse, and made my skin break out even more. After having the 55 min facial and massage with Tasneem, I felt wonderful. She cleaned my face til I had no more blackheads and she also removed some whitehead that were near my eyes that were very hard to get rid of. I was going to a dermatologist for this problem I had with my skin, but she took care of it and saved me a lot of money. Pilo Arts should hire more people like her, she makes you feel very comfortable, Thanks again Tasneem!!!!!!!! You made me feel fantastic after......I GUESS YOU WILL BE SEEING ME EVERY MONTH!!!!!!!!!
an amazing place in brooklyn:
by a Yahoo! Local User on 01/12/2006
I recently went to Pilo Arts to get some individual lashes applied, the make-up artist Betsy asked me if I wanted to get an application as well. I absolutly loved it and highly recommend betsy to all my friends and family.
Made my wedding day dreams come true
Posted by tsoupi at Citysearch on 12/09/2005
I have been a client of Pilo Arts for years. They are always very professional, full of energy and extremely helpful. Their knowledge of hair and beauty is incomparable to any other salon. Every level of stylists have an impeccable knowledge of their field and are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Athena is one of the stylists that are extremely personable and highly skillful.
Pros: Professional, Reliable, MOdern
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by angg1234 at Citysearch on 12/08/2005
Pilo Arts can accommodate you in any way possible...its simply the best. I highly recommend Olympia and Don, they are the best and what they do. Both listen carefully to what you want and really do great jobs. PILO ARTS IS THE BEST AND THEIR STAFF IS QUITE GOOD LOOKING : P
Overall user rating: Recommended
Don= Best Colorist
Tony & Mohammed= Best Cut
by Marie M. at on 1/31/2010
I love the Pilo experience: wine, cappacinos, oh my!
I must admit their massages left me with something to be desired, but maybe it was the person I had. Anyway, I had facials, makeup, blow outs, hilights, cuts, and eyelashes done at Pilo and I'm happy everytime!
I always love the results:
by caterinac99 at on 01/11/2006
Pilo Arts Day Spa and Salon is the best salon in brooklyn, actually in New York. The staff is attentive from the minute you walk in the door. The beautiful girls at the front desk welcome you and offer refreshments. I love my results everytime, I always see Don for my color and Stephanie for haircuts. They do a great job on my hair everytime.
The ONLY Salon
Posted by ceceliaw at Citysearch on 12/08/2005
Tony Chez can turn your curly locks silky straight, your straight hair bouncy curly, gives the most beautiful hair color, including natural, sunny highlights and precision cuts. See Stuart for an exceptional massage and Bella for a relaxing facial. Ella will give you the perfect manicure and pedicure. Why go anywhere else?
Pros: Great Atmosphere, Friendly Staff
Cons: Hard to Park
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
NYC in bayridge!
Posted by taratootoo at Citysearch on 12/08/2005
this is by far the best salon i have ever been to. the staff in wonderful they always look & act professional, they know there craft & are masters at their work! the salon itself is clean and stylish, whether your there at 9:00 am or pm there is always a hot capp. waiting for you. in short it is a real class ask with fare prices!
Pros: staff, salon, inexpensive
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Book with Jayne!‎
By JimmyShrugs at - Jul 21, 2009
I had heard all the horror stories about PA, but had a gift certificate, so I had no choice but to use it. I was "assigned" jayne, and have been going to her ever since--about 3 years now. She does my cuts, color and recently gave me highlights that I got a million compliments on. She is always honest with me, telling me when I need to take off more than my usual 1/2 inch and last spring she gave me bangs to die for. I used the spa once for a Brazillian, and it was just ok, hence the 4 star review. i have thought about changing to a salon closer to my home, but I just can't take the chance! Jayne is brilliant and so, so sweet!‎
A Day of Beauty:
by jaymielam at on 01/11/2006
I went to Pilo Arts because my sister gave me a gift certificate. It was one of the best gifts I ever received because I got a fabulous haircut. I was treated royally and I had a great afternoon. I felt pampered. I will definitely come back for my future hair styling. I highly recommend them.
Even Great for a man!
Posted by didino  at Citysearchon 12/07/2005
I usually go to a 10$ barber around the corner from my apartment. But I just needed a change so, i tryed Pilo Arts and to my surprise I was very well taken care of. My haircut by salvatore was right on. He gave me excellent advice on how to use products to make my hair stay. I would definitely go back.
Pros: Service, Professionalism, timeliness
Cons: Parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
love pilo arts!
Posted by cofone at Citysearch on 12/07/2005
There is not just one thing that I can write about Pilos Arts because when I came here for the first time on Saturday everything intrigued and amazed me. From the greetings from the staff from the moment you walk in to all of the fellow clients until you leave, you feel that everything was well worth it. I was totally pampered at the spa with a facial w/ Sara and a massage by Stuart and then I got fabulous new cut and color by Kim. Pilo Arts keeps me feeling happy and young and I look forward to experiencing more things with them.
Pros: everything!!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
My husband and I enjoy Pilo Arts...
by Michelle P. at on 8/9/2009
so much that we recently moved all the way out to LIC and are still making the trip for this place.
Is it the warm reception: attentive reception desk, actual coat check, then asked what you would like to drink... (i've had everything from mimosas to cappuccinos while my husband has enjoyed a scotch)
Or is it the A+ stylings of their hair dressers? (I love the way I look and feel by the time I leave this joint)
...I'm not going to decide. Will you?
Im so glad Pilo Arts is in MY neighborhood!:
by Clous at on 01/05/2006
Pilo Arts is truly a diamond in the rough. Brooklyn has some decent hair salons, but Pilo Arts is by far the best. Its beautiful from the outside as well as inside. The services surpass any others I have had. The staff is crazy friendly and willing to do anything to keep you happy. I cant say enough about this little piece of manhattan style and flare Salon. I would recommend Pilo Arts to anyone anyday!
tania is my favorite hair stylist.
Posted by vecriga94 at Citysearch on 12/07/2005
she is great! she will NEVER leave you disappointed. she knows what will look good on you and gives you advise. I have been her client for many years and would recommend her "magic hands" to anyone.
Pros: ambience, friendly service, beautiful crowd
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Tania is the Best!!!
Posted by rosarn22 at Citysearch on 12/07/2005
Pilo Arts is the best salon/spa in Brooklyn. You get great service and the staff is amazing and beautiful. My favorite and most recommended stylist is Tania. She makes me feel beautiful every time I get my hair done whether its a blow out, highlights or cut and style. She gives the best advice and recommends the latest and most unique styles and cuts that will work best for you. All my friends and coworkers see Tania and everyone is satisfied. I get tons of compliments especially from strangers about my haircut or style. If you want great service, a pleasant atmosphere and the best look go to Pilo and see Tania. You will not be disappointed!
Pros: Tania, service, good location
Cons: parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
I had my hair done by Dana.
by valeriezacutie  at
Wedding: 02/14/2009
Reviews: 5
rating  4.5 out of 5.0
Quality of Service: (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: (5.0/5.0)
Value For Cost: (2.5/5.0)
Flexibility: (5.0/5.0)

I had my hair done by Dana. My curls were set by Mayor. Both were very friendly & conversed with me throughout. I was taken in right away & finished in decent time of 2 hours. They offer you a nice selection of beverages & have a coat check. All the stylists have photo books of all of their own work which really helped know their strengths & therefore made choosing a style simpler. I had clip in extensions put in & they were really secured fantastically. Dana was so helpful in trying & playing around with different styles since I didn't have a trial. My 2 dislikes: the curls were not set tight enough in the extensions and fell out before the ceremony while my actual hair stayed curly (didn't look bad but not what I wanted) & the price with tax was very high-$182 (not including tip).
pilo is ggrrrrrreaat:
by a Yahoo! Local User on 01/05/2006
 I trust Pilo Arts. I really feel that they know how to take care of people. The stylist's always always always make sure that i'm satisfied. They are just fabulous. I've never been so happy with myself...and their always sending me emails- i love that!! they obviously acknowledge us
look no further!!!
Posted by kad1 at Citysearch on 12/04/2005
pilo arts is by far the best spa in new york. i have been to MANY spas in the area and this by far outweighs the competition. As soon as i entered the spa i was greeted with smiles and proceeded to have the best massage and facial i have ever had. The staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant. At the end of my services, I was offered a complimentary paraffin hand treatment and steam shower. I loved it so much i made a massage appointment for my husband before i left. I am definitely recommending pilo arts to everyone!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
thanks, Maggie I Love my nails!
Posted by joannalouis
at Citysearch on 12/02/2005
I love my nails!! Pilo Arts fulfilled all my beauty needs. I go there when I want to be made beautiful for a night out, and when I just want to look good at work. Whatever the occasion Pilo has given me all that I need and more...... Mwwah .... Joanna
Pros: The Best!, Awesome!, Relaxing
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Wife drives in from Conn.
5 stars
by J F. at Insiderpages on 1/1/09
My wife won't let anyone do her high lights except Don all they way in Brooklyn. She says she feels comfortable and relaxed doing any service at pilo arts. I drive her in and after we eat at a great Italian place right next door.
home sweet home..:
by hyrije64 at on 01/04/2006
first and formost i want to say how welcomed i feel when i step into this amazing place. The service is great, and the people are so nice and determined to do there job. you will come out looking like a movie star and you will definitly want to come back! This is the best place ever and I garantee you will be happy! Try it, you'll love it! feels just like home..
For an ABSOLUTLY flawless look, see Betsy ! =)
Posted by fuggetta at Citysearch on 12/02/2005
*just got back from pilo arts...i went to go see Betsy for a make-up application and individual eye-lashes...whether it is for a formal or casual event, Betsy always makes me look my best and that is when i feel my best...i would never go to anyone else after trying Betsy...she brings out my features like no else...I HIGHLY recommend Betsy!
Briana =)
Pros: professional, fabulous
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
A taste of heaven
Posted by madisonavechik at Citysearch on 12/02/2005
I was recommended to Pilo Arts by a friend and I was blown away. Sara gave me the most pampering four layer facial ever followed by the magical hands of Jessica for a massage. Then the owner herself poured me a Mimosa and gave me a wonderful tour of the rest of the Salon. I would highly recommend Pilo Arts!!! AAA++++
Pros: Great staff
Cons: parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Drive all the way from Conn. by 1995 at Kudzu 1/1/09  5 stars
My wife makes me drive her all the way to brooklyn from Greenwich to get her hair high lited by Don at this salon. She enjoys many other services while there. Then we eat great italian
New and satisfied client.
a Yahoo! Local User on 12/22/2005
I dont care what anybody says,I love Pilo Arts.On arrival I felt a little intimidated ,but only by the decor of this exquisite salon and beautiful girls that greet you when you get there.From start to finish I was really pampered.My hair was a mess,havent been to a salon in a while as I have toddlers at home.I met with my stylist Sinead{a very down to earth irish girl},who made me feel very comfortable.She transformed me,by starting with bringing me back to my natural color,and a few highlights surrounding my face,she then complimented the color with a fabulous cut to frame my face.She understood I dont have a lot of time to style my hair everyday with my kids so she showed me a very easy and fast way of styling my hair.I really appreciated her dedication and patience with me,looking forward to my next visit to Pilo.You guys are great!!Maybe I will treat myself to a massage next time too!
ilene makeup is a life saver
Posted by beye1 at Citysearch on 12/01/2005
I saw ilene makeup for an application to make myself feel better after a surgery...She lifted my spirits and taught me a whole new way to take care of myself. Now when I go home I use my new products the right way and feel good about myself thanks to Ilene
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Sit Back and Relax!
Posted by el35 at Citysearch on 12/01/2005
I won a gift certificate to Pilo Arts from a radio station that I listen to all the time. I came in for a full Day of Beauty and words alone cannot describe my overall experience. Their Spa is beautiful and very peaceful, their staff is friendly and kind, the place is beautiful and the services are the best I've ever received. Not only did they make me look beautiful but they made me feel welcomed from the moment I checked in. I will go back for more......and I'm definitely putting Pilo Arts on Santa's list!
Pros: Great Staff, Beautiful Place, Cutomer Serivce
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Let me start off as I was a hairdresser
by samantha m. at on 5/7/2008
in NYC before I became a baby popper. It is really hard for me to trust anyone to cut my hair. I went to this salon, I loved it the ambiance was nice. I had Athena cut my hair. She knows what she is doing. If you could go in to Brooklyn, I definitely recommend this place.
Best Salon In Brooklyn:
by a Yahoo! Local User on 12/22/2005
I had received a gift card from my best friend for my birthday and it was the best experience of my life. I had a great hair cut with Olympia, a soothing facial with Bella and a relaxing massage with Jessica. From that point on, I have never even considered going to another salon again. It was the beginning of a whole new world for me and I don't think I'll ever want to look back again. I love Pilo Arts!
Best Hair Cut
Posted by lisa1983 at Citysearch on 12/01/2005
I highly recommend Pilo Arts to anybody who wants to experience a day beauty and pleasure. First I would like to say that the Spa is beautiful and the staff are very friendly. I just had my hair styled by Ivan an it was the best hair cut I have ever received. My friends keep ranting and raving about my new style and say that it makes me look younger. Thank you Pilo!
Pros: great staff, very clean, good price
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by g87 on 12/01/2005
I have been a client at Citysearch of Pilo Art's for more than 5 years and have never been disappointed. From the moment i walk into the salon i feel like a million dollars. The managers and front desk always greet me with kindness. I know that the salon's top priority is customer service and you can tell by the way each client is treated. Its a beautiful place to be in and you are surrounded by beautiful people as well. Each time i get my haircut from Stefani, i am always pleased and cant wait until i can get another.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Yes, yes yes YESSSS.
by susan on10/1/2008
As a recent transplant to Brooklyn I was in need of somewhere to get my hair permanently straightened - it was time to touch up the Japanese hair straightening done to my unruly mess and I could not find hardly anywhere in Brooklyn to do it. The few salons I talked to were rude or snooty but the staff at Pilo was very friendly on the phone. I spent about four hours with Tony today and left with completely perfect straight hair. I can honestly say it was the best job ANYONE has ever done using the Japanese straightening technique on my hair. Tony was lovely, funny, and friendly and the staff at Pilo was extremely nice. In six months when it's time for more touchups you can bet I will go nowhere else but here. Highly recommend!
What a makeover!!!!:
by vicky at on 12/01/2005
I was refer to Pilo Arts by a friend and I am so happy I took her advice. I went in for my color and haircut and received a complete makeover. My highlights are unbelievable, they look sooo natural, and my cut is absolutely great! I loved their atmosphere! The best part is that the next day I received a phone call to see how my services were....Now, that's customer service!!! I want to thank everyone that took care of me that day and I guarantee that I will be back soon!!! I will definetely recommend it!
Thank you Pilo Arts
Posted by ilovemyjob at Citysearch on 11/30/2005
Thank you for making me look unbelievably beautiful on my wedding day. My up-do and my make-up were amazing, thank you Olympia and Betsy. The customer service that I received was unbelievable. I was in and out as scheduled. They even opened a bottle of champagne and made mimosas for my whole bridal party. I want to also thank the management and the bridal coordinator for being so accommodating and helping make my day even that more special. I will make sure to send you a picture as soon as I get them!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Pros: Great Staff, Beautiful Place, Fun Atmoshphere
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Great Day Spa
Posted by ckusuma at Citysearch on 11/30/2005
I have been a customer of Pilo Arts for over six years now and have never been disappointed. Dayna does a great cut and awesome up do and Stuart's hands work magic on my back. I'll keep returning for them alone, but there is so much more. I rec. Sara or Bella for a facial and Mariola for a waxing. You won't be disappointed.
Pros: Spa atmosphere, Stuart, free mimosas
Cons: parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Stephanie is VERY TALENTED!...‎
By CavsFan85 -at Oct 8, 2007 5 stars
I have been going to her for YEARS now and she is the best I have seen as of yet! I am VERY picky and skeptical about how my hair would look but just trust her and you will be absolutely pleased! You have my word for it- no regrets! I travel from OH to NY to get my hair cut and its well worth it! It may be pricey- "you get what you pay for!" You don't even need anything in mind to suggest to her she will make you walk out the salon with your head up high with superior style!‎
A great Day Spa in Brooklyn:
by CK11209 at on 11/30/2005
Received a mini day of beauty as a gift. I arrived early and was offered hot herbal tea to sip before my treatment. Down to the spa I went to see Stuart for a scrub and massage. Never been in better hands. I then went to get my hair cut by Stephanie and mani / pedi by Ella. I left feeling like a queen. Awesome place.
Ive Found My Happy Place!
Posted by singinmandiee at Citysearch on 11/30/2005
when i tried this salon/spa i was veryyy veryyy satisfied with everything!! the services were fabulous!! the treatment from the employees was incredible! i felt like a queen!! they offered me several drinks to choose from, made sure i was taken on time and even helped me put my coat on when i was leaving. i felt wonderful. what can i say, thank you Pilo!
Pros: great services, wonderful employees, beautiful atmosphere
Cons: parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by jaymie519 at Citysearch on 11/30/2005
I recently experienced the best treatment at Pilo Arts in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I used a hairdresser named Jaymie. She gave me a great cut and treated me wonderfully. The atmosphere is great. I would highly recommend this salon. They really know how to make you feel special.
Pros: relaxing, professional, enjoyable experience
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
My first experience with Pilo Arts was...
By leilani at Spa
March 4, 2007
 because i recieved a gift certificate from a co-worker. I used the gift certifercate and now i'm hooked. I've used a variety of their services and have never been disappointed. Massages superb, mani-pedi fantastic, cut and style fabulous, facils wonderful. The service is incredible everyone is so so so nice. It's the prefect place to kick back and relax. I love spending my saturdays there.
Melt like butter:
by jk11209 on at 11/30/2005
I recently received a gift certificate for a massage at Pilo Arts in Bay Ridge. I was told to see Stuart. I wasn't comfortable with a man therapist at first, but he was very professional while he worked. If you are overworked or simply like to pamper yourself, Stuart's your man. The spa is clean, the atmosphere comfortable, the steam shower awesome. My advice would be to get there early to sip on a complimentary mimosa or cappacino.
I will never go anywhere else!
Posted by coastieswife at Citysearch on 11/30/2005
When i first walked in the door of this gorgeous salon I must admit i was intimidated. But I was welcomed and given a fantastic mimosa!! My appt was prompt. My very talented hairdresser sal, gave me the BEST cut and color I have EVER had!! and believe me I've had many!! My shampoo felt like heaven and my facial and waxing by sara was unbelievably awesome. I left feeling like a rock star!! I just had to go out with my husband! Thank you pilo arts for a great experience! I will never go anywhere else and neither should yoU!!
Pros: Service, Staff, Quality
Cons: Parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
A Picture Perfect Day!
Posted by felmibri2 at Citysearch on 11/30/2005
When I woke up on my wedding day to see it cold and rainy, it didn't start out the way I planned. When I got to Pilo Arts, I was greeted with a warm and hospitable staff. I sat in the chair of their make-up artist, Suzanne, who came highly recommended. My make-up looked natural, yet elegant. I received my proofs, and I must say, I looked like a princess! Thank you Pilo Arts!
And I must say she ended my beauty time perfectly. Her calm nature kept me even toned and she worked very swiftly and professionally. I was so glad that my day had turned around and I have to thank Pilo Arts for that!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Pilo Arts Salon & Day Spa
5 stars
by amanda k. at Insiderpages on 2006
I have heard excellent things about the Pilo Arts Salon & Day Spa. I have heard glowing reviews about their massages, haircuts and manicures. Pilo Arts Salon & Day Spa is pretty expensive, but virtually every recommendation for them has been great. They offer massages, nail care, hair coloring and cuts, waxing and other beauty services. They have great packages for mother's day and other holidays.
Just what I wanted:
By jetbluebklyn_3 at on  11/27/2005
I went to Pilo Arts on a recommendation from a friend, my stylist and I discussed what I was looking for some recommendations were given and when all was said and done it was just what I wanted and I looked great. I was also given advice and lessons on how to care for my and style my hair, now I always look great.
Best Birthday Ever
Posted by brooklyngirl4life at Citysearch on 11/30/2005
It was my birthday recently, and my family had surprised me with a gift certificate for a one hour facial and massage from Pilo Arts. I knew immediately that I needed to call up as soon as possible since it is one of the most popular salons in Brooklyn and the appointments fill up really quickly there. When I called up later on that day, one of the lovely receptionists had answered the phone and helped me schedule an appointment for that weekend, which was exactly what I needed. And, from that point on, I became even more amazed. The massage with Jessica and the facial with Bella were wonderful including the relaxing steam shower that I took after all of my services. I felt like the most important birthday girl ever!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Beautiful prom night
Posted by miss_ep at Citysearch on 11/29/2005
I took my little sister to Pilo Arts to get her hair and make-up done. It was my present to her. Ivan did her hair and Ilene did her make-up. She had never looked so beautiful before. She loved it and so did all her friends...not to mention her date! I can't wait until I have a special event to go to so I can do my hair and make-up done there also! I highly recommend Pilo Arts, especially if you have a special night planned!
Pros: reasonable prices, skilled staff, helpful receptionists
Cons: no valet parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Get Stephanie Gambino to do your hair for your wedding. She is the best!
by gbride at
Wedding: 11/07/2004
Reviews: 5
rating 5.0 out of 5.0
Quality of Service: (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: (5.0/5.0)
Value For Cost: (5.0/5.0)
Flexibility: (5.0/5.0)
A Great Day at Pilo!:
a Yahoo! Local User on 11/27/2005
 I received a gift certificate to Pilo Arts and had a wonderful day there.
Everyone was so friendly and I felt very relaxed. I'll definately go back.
New and Satified Customer
Posted by bklynbrn at Citysearch on 11/28/2005
I recently visited Pilo Arts for the first time and it was well worth the trip, being a Manhattanite. I was pampered from the time I walked in until the time I left. Let me not forget the most important thing I finally found someone who listened and knew how to handle my hair. I will be back in a few weeks for my highlights and some more cappuccino.
Pros: friendly staff, great cappucino, great scalp massage
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
I was very happy at Pilo Arts
Posted by 31_sco at Citysearch on 11/28/2005
First time i went to Pilo Arts i loved it. Every one was very nice and helpful. I had my color done with Don and a haircut with Dayna.They both were professional and i was very satisfied with the results. I would definitely go there again.
Pros: nice shampoos, delicious cappuccinos
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
World ClassPilo Arts Salon & Day Spa
Reviewed by amanda k. at 2003
I have heard excellent things about the Pilo Arts Salon & Day Spa. I have heard glowing reviews about their massages, haircuts and manicures. Pilo Arts Salon & Day Spa is pretty expensive, but virtually every recommendation for them has been great. They offer massages, nail care, hair coloring and cuts, waxing and other beauty services. They have great packages for mother's day and other holidays.
The best of the best without the trip to manhattan:
By portratis911 at on 11/25/2005
I visited your salon to have my color corrected from a mistake made by one of your competators. I was directed to see Riccardo by a wonderful young lady from the front desk. Her name was Melissa.I wanted to be brought back, as close as I could, to my natural color. Riccardo talked with me for quite some time before he formulated my color. I was served champagne and made to feel comfortable. The atmosphere in the color department was friendly and professional. After lightening my hair and putting some final low-lites, Riccardo made me feel and look like my old self. It was my daughters wedding the next weekend. My daughter and my husband both couldn't get over the rejuvination of my hair. He is definatly a five star colorist. Thanks to Riccardo, I felt as pretty as the bride. The only complaint I might have is the parking conditions are not so great due to all the business in the area. Great restaurants. Thanking you again, Claudia Piazza
At last!!
Posted by jenny1106 at Citysearch on 11/27/2005
I went to this salon recently and have to say I was very impressed. Ive been looking for a new place to get my hair done. The staff was professional and courteous and very nice. I needed a haircut and my hair colored. Kim took care of me and was excellent!! She does awesome color, I would never go back to anyone else and will definitely return to Pilo Arts.
Pros: Friendly people, Late eve Hours
Cons: No spray tans, parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Best salon in New York
Posted by liljamie22 at Citysearch on 11/24/2005
The best salon there is in New York. When entered in salon i was treated as if i was there top priority. Treated me like a princess, receptionists and hair styles were on the ball to accommodated all my accommodations. Staff is very friendly and very helpful. Also very helpful and right on target into knowing my interest and making me look like a princess. Definitely will go back next time i need something.
Pros: Very Popular, Staff extremely kind, Def know their stuff
Cons: Perfect salon
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Satisfied new client
Posted on 02/28/2003 at
I just want to say that I was very impressed with the staff and overall services offered at Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon. The customer service rivals the best day spas in the country, a rarity for New York City. I had the four layer facial with Bella and la stone therapy with stewart, and for the two hours that I spent in the spa, I was in total bliss. I then received a hair cut with Paul, who happens to be a member of Intercoiffure. The cut was incredible. I definitely going to return.
Pros: Reasonably Priced, Full Service Spa, On Line Booking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
The best hair color:
by jennypenny1106 at on 11/22/2005
I recently went to Pilo Arts and i was totally impressed. The people were professional and courteous. I went to Kim for my color and cut and i never loved anyhting more. I will definitly be going back to Pilo!!
Pilo is Magnificant
Posted by crazycat99 at Citysearch on 11/22/2005
Pilo Arts Day Spa and Salon is magnificent and promotes beauty and excellence. As I arrived, the doors of Pilo open and the pampering begins as the receptionist welcomed me into their home with coffee, tea, or wine. The atmosphere is awesome because it is a calm and stress free environment which caters to the needs of their clients. I have received many services at Pilo such as haircuts with the artistic team, color with the color department, and facials and massages after a hard and long day at work. Pilo keeps me coming back for more because I want to see and experience everything the salon has to offer. I look forward for that weekly reminder to confirm my appointment because I will soon have the pleasure of returning to Pilo. I highly recommend Pilo Arts Day Spa and Salon because the staff is talented, knowledgeable, and professional.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
ive never looked better
Posted by grkspecial at Citysearch on 11/21/2005
ever since i stated coming to pilo I've never looked so attractive. women love me. my skin has never looked so clean. Pilo thank u so much. Bellas you are the best and the staff is so supportive. keep up the great work
joe black
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by givingrief on 12/19/2003 at
All I can say is Service, Service, Service! Pilo Arts truly appreciates their customers. What can you expect? Excellent service without attitude or insane prices - a rare thing in this city. Ivan gave me the best haircut of my life and everyone at Pilo Arts waited on me hand and foot. So, if you want to feel like a total princess, RUN to Pilo Arts. Pilo Arts is well worth the trip to Brooklyn (and you get a nice view of the Verrazzano Bridge).
Pros: Service, Talent, Prices
Cons: Crowded on weekends
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
a Yahoo! Local User 11/21/2005
I had the most enjoyable Sunday afternoon in Pilo Arts. I love it in there. From the massage I got with Leo, the facial with Mariola and the incredible haircut I got from Donna I didnt want to go home. On your next day off walk into Pilo Arts and ask one of the lovely receptionist to book you a Day of Beauty and let your stress melt away. Leave the rest up to them...Trust me you will not regret it.
Posted by mpop at Citysearch on 11/21/2005
Having a bad day, I was walking home from a long train ride.....never having went into Pilo Arts because I finally went in. Just walking into the salon my day turned around. The friendly and accommodating Front desk receptionist offered me everything to make me feel at home. I was given a cappuccino, had my coat check and seated in a special waiting area. Boy did I feel like Queen!! Even though the salon seemed to be very busy, the manager personally came to greeted me. One haircut turned to color, highlights, make up, eyebrow threading, & my nails done. Each department not only did a wonderful job but educated me with tips of how to keep up my new look. I was so impressed with all the talent that I found in one place. I think you too should give this salon a chance to make you beautiful.
Pros: Good Customer Service, Beautiful people
Cons: No Tanning
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by misto1 at Citysearch on 11/21/2005
I have been going to Pilo Arts since I was 11 years old. Now that I am 25, I am in awe of how consistent the service is. Whenever I step foot into this wonderful salon, I am treated like loyalty. I cannot think of a time when I wasn't treated like a queen. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous. They are also very talented in their craft. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this salon to ANYONE!!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Me and all my girls were very happy
y Debbie D at
Wedding: 11/22/1997
Reviews: 3
rating 4.6 out of 5.0
Quality of Service: (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: (5.0/5.0)
Value For Cost: (3.0/5.0)
Flexibility: (5.0/5.0)

Me and all my girls were very happy with everything that they did for us. We were 5 girls and my mom and my mother in law. We all got our hair done and make-up. They had the time we needed and they took there time and we were all very pleased with the outcome. I recommended them everytime I knew someone was getting married. They evern have a great spa to relax you before you big day.
By lizlovesnudrat at on 11/21/2005
Pilo Arts is, by far, the best salon I have attended in all of New York. I have been to an immense amount of salons and none compare to Pilo Arts. The service is impeccable and the staff is friendly and courteous. Whether I am getting a simple manicure from LORI or a wax from BELLA, I am never disappointed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this salon to absolutley anyone!!
Molto Bene!
Posted by lilmissapprentice at Citysearch on 11/20/2005
I have recently received a hair cut and style, from none other than the owner himself! Paul! He understood my interests and gave me a style that will suit me for life! I would highly recommend him for your styling needs!
Pros: Well Trained Staff, Calming Atmosphere, Near my house
Cons: Parking, Parking, Parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
A New Woman
Posted by sandra_owens at Citysearch on 11/19/2005
I have to say that my day at Pilo Arts was absolutely fantastic. My girlfriend and I had a full Day of Beauty and I have never felt more refreshed and brand new in my life! After all my stressful hours at work, my massage and facial felt so relaxing and invigorating. My very handsome hair stylist Nicholas was amazing, and left me feeling like a movie star. My hair looked beautiful and healthy and the color was marvelous. He did a fantastic job. The staff did its best to make me feel at home and everyone who hasn't visited this salon should definitely give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
Pros: On Time Appointments, Friendly Staff, Good looking Staff
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
  A Day that Can't Get Any Better:
By pricanbabygurl89 at on 11/19/2005
On my first visit to Pilo Arts I was wondering whether I would regret coming to the salon or whether it would be a great experience. My curiousity was confirmed - I had one of the most soothing and relaxing days that I hadnt had for years. I had an amazing day of pampering, including a wonderful massage that I never failed to remember when I had a stressful and tiring day.The outstanding services that I received at Pilo Arts has made me a faithful client for years.
You'' be satisfied
Posted by fcs84 at Citysearch on 11/19/2005
Pilo Arts is one of the best, if not the best, hair salons in the Tri-State area. Paul Pastore, the owner of Polio, has been cutting my hair for several years now and I've never left unhappy with my new cut. The staff is friendly and polite. I've recommended Pilo to several people and there has never been any negative feedback from their visit. Some people may say parking is tough, but where isn't parking tough in Brooklyn. The next time you need a hair cut for a special occasion or its just time for a haircut, I'd call Pilo and make an appointment because you wont be disappointed. And while you there, get your nails or make-up done and maybe enjoy a relaxing massage.
Pros: Best Hairdressers, Service
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
pilo arts-a must see experience
Posted by jeffer27 at Citysearch on 11/18/2005
Pilo arts is the best hair salon in NYC. I felt so welcomed on arrival, had a glass of wine from the manager right away, just what I needed after a long working day!I was pampered from start to finish. I Had exceptional color and cut done by one of your fine talented master stylists .Very impressed as a whole. I gave them my email address and now I will be receiving discounts too!I find them so reasonable for the quality of work that they do, I've been to all the upscale trendy spots in the city and this is by far much better! Looking forward to my next visit.
Pros: on time, internet booking, make up
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
  The Perfect Salon:
By sexxid2004 at on 11/19/2005
Pilo Arts is by far the best day spa and salon I have ever been to. From the excellent massages to the perfect haircut I receieve every time I visit, this salon is one that everyone should give a try. I used to hate my hair before I got a life changing haircut from my stylist Nicholas. I have to say, he is brilliant!! I looked like a superstar. This is the #1 salon in Brooklyn.
First Date
Posted by tries2hard at Citysearch on 11/18/2005
I was getting ready for a date on Friday night. I couldn't figure out how I should apply makeup to my face or what to do with my hair. I called Pilo hoping they would have an appointment available and they did. I had my hair blown out by Olympia and my makeup applied by Ilene. I must tell you I looked like a million dollars. Well, my first date has turned out to be a serious relationship. We're talking marriage here, and Ilene and Olympia did an outstanding job. I would definitely recommend them if you're trying to make a good, long lasting impression.
Pros: Makeup variety, Product Availability, Excellent Service
Cons: Parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Bad hair day
Posted by losthumor at Citysearch on 11/18/2005
I came to New York from my hometown in Pennsylvania. I never knew how horrible my hair actually was until I noticed all the stares I received from people that walked by me. I asked a coworker, who always had fabulous hair, where she went to get her hair done. She recommended Pilo to me, and I decided to check it out online as well. It received great reviews and I figured what more was there to lose. So I went in for a consultation and met with Don for color and Ivan for a cut. I decided to book the appointment then and there. Lets just say my orange coif is no more. I now have healthy, radiant hair. Watch out New York because here I come. Right off of a Pantine ad! A+
Pros: Courteous, Customer oriented, Understanding
Cons: Parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
  Absolutely Outstanding Service:
by flylildude2007 at on 11/18/2005
There was nothing I disliked about the time I spent in Pilo. It was well worth the money to get completely pampered for a day, especially since it relieves the stress that comes with being a single mom. I recommend this salon above all others in the Brooklyn area. Absolutely Outstanding.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Posted by flydude at Citysearch on 11/18/2005
I went to Pilo after trying different salons in Brooklyn. After many botched attempts, I found my salvation in Nicholas. He gave me a new look and made me feel ten years younger. I even had the courage to ask one of the girls at the front desk out. I felt my self-esteem rise again. Thanks a lot Pilo, and Nicholas keep up the good work!
Pros: Experience, Talent, Creativity
Cons: Parking isnt so great
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by iluvpilo at Citysearch on 11/18/2005
I had the best massage and facial of my life. When I walked into Pilo I felt very stressed out and tense, but when I left I felt like a new man with an extra pep to my step! A++ OUTSTANDING, highly recommended!
Pros: Great atmosphere, Very attentive, Beautiful Girls =D
Cons: Parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
  Pilo Arts, #1:
By parbl1 at on 11/18/2005
Not only is the service at Pilo great, but the girls are gorgeous as well. I would definitely love to go back there. The salon has such a great atmosphere and i enjoyed the time i spent there. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a salon that has above average service and availability.
The Updo's Are Amazing !!!!
Posted by fittobesquare at Citysearch on 11/18/2005
I have to say Pilo Arts stylist's are very talented. They do the best Updo's you will ever see In your life. They fit each style for each head shape. Can't find any places that do a better job. Highly recommended No place can compare. Go and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.
Pros: Great customer service
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by diva411 at Citysearch on 11/18/2005
My experience at Pilo Arts was quite extraordinary. I received a DAY OF BEAUTY gift card from my boyfriend for my birthday which was AMAZING!! I was able to experience every aspect of the salon & spa--it included a massage, facial, LUNCH, nails, hair, name it-I got it. The staff is very friendly and seems to be very experienced. I will TOTALLY return there for future appts and recommend everyone I know to go & experience what I did. what a great place to pamper yourself!!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
  i love pilo arts!:
by bunnymoosefive at on 11/17/2005
Pilo arts is the most amazing salon i have ever been to. Each and every time i go there, i have the most relaxing experience. Everyone is very welcoming and warm.
An addiction!!!
Posted by iluvbags at Citysearch on 11/17/2005
I have to say that I am addicted to Pilo Arts. From its incredibly talented staff, to its exceptional customer service, a visit to the salon is like a mini vacation. Even if I'm just coming in for a blow out I get treated like a princess. I have recommended Pilo Arts to all of my family and friends and highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet. I work in Manhattan and had the opportunity to visit other well known salons, but nothing ever compared to the overall experience that I always have at Pilo Arts, and the prices make it even that much better!!!! Try it, you'll see what I mean.
Pros: Talented Staff, Friendly Atmosphere, Great Neighborhood
Cons: Parking =(
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Mans view of Pilo Arts
Posted by jg25 at Citysearch on 11/17/2005
Came to your salon for a couple of services. Had a back wax by Yolanda which was totally painless. Went upstairs to see Riccardo for some Low Lites which brought me back twenty years. I had a haircut by Tonia. While I was in her chair she made me feel like I was the only one in the salon. The services I received were above and beyond any Manhattan salon. The prices are somewhat reasonable and parking is fair but worth the wait. I finally found a full service salon to take care of all my needs. I was made to feel like a King. My appointment was on a weekend and the salon was packed but everything ran on time . They gave me the best customer service I have ever received, especially with the crowd they service.
Pros: felt like i was the o, treated to all sorts, great dinning n shopi
Cons: parking fair to good
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
  Loved every minute:
By irishgypsy78 at Yahoo on 09/26/2005
This was my first time at Pilo Arts after hearing many wonderful things about it. I had a massage and a facial. Apon arrival I was offered a drink and waited in a lovely waiting room with beautiful furniture and listened to soft music. I then was led to a room to change. During the massage and facial I was throurghly cared for, felt constantly relaxed. The massage left me completely relaxed and floating on cloads. Jessica was amazing and worked out every ache in my muscles. I then took a steam shower that I never wanted to leave. I would highly recommend Pilo Arts to anyone, and can't wait to go back for more.
I love Pilo arts!
Posted by angiebambola at Citysearch on 11/17/2005
Pilo arts is a very welcoming salon, appointments are always confirmed and followed up on. i love the fact that there is a satisfaction guarantee! there is no doubt that i will continue to visit and explore all the wonderful things the salon has to offer!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
A Fabulous Day Of Beauty
Posted by gals32 at Citysearch on 11/16/2005
Last week I had the pleasure to spend some time at your salon. This was my first time there and it was one of the most delightful experiences of my life. For a salon to employee so many talented people and still be able to give you that one on one experience. You have a colorist there named Riccardo. He greeted me when I arrived and we had a consultation . He made me feel as if he knew me my whole life. He was very knowledgeable about his work. His over all appearance and personality made me feel as though I was in a Manhattan . My hi-lites were fantastic. The over all treatment at your salon was A+. From your front desk, to the assistants and right through to your color department. Riccardo catered to my every need. I would highly recommend Riccardo and Pilo Arts to anyone.
Pros: Great Restaurants, Easy shopping, Lots of parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
  Very Relaxing
By ju_ju_bee at on May 2005
Great place to be pampered
a little bit of heaven
Posted by finch1959 at Citysearch on 11/16/2005
I cant begin to tell you the great experience my girlfriends and i had at Pilo Arts. We traveled from Manhattan and from the moment we entered the pampering started. We were whisked away to to our stylists with champagne in hand. I started in the Spa with a facial from Bella. It was very quiet and soothing in the spa. Then i went upstairs to the color dept. Don gave me the most beautiful and natural hilites i ever received. After a massaging shampoo that lasted about 15 minutes i moved along to Tony for a fantastic haircut. We actually all walked out happy as can be.
Pros: service, professional, worth the price
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by sickkstilettoz at Citysearch on 10/07/2005
I LOVE PILO ..Been going here for years, THEY ARE FABULOUS. Excellent Team all the way. It is pricey, but if you can't afford it, go settle elsewhere. You hear the Manolo's of perfectly pedicured feet slapping on the Italian grounds of Diamond decked Ladies. The skill and quality of the cuts and color are immaculate. As soon as you arrive they check your coat and offer Wine, Cappuccino, Pelegrino. Enjoy!
Pros: Pretty People Place, Excellent skill, Color & cuts
Cons: No Tanning Spa =(
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Posted by givingrief at Citysearch on 12/19/2003
All I can say is Service, Service, Service! Pilo Arts truly appreciates their customers. What can you expect? Excellent service without attitude or insane prices - a rare thing in this city.
Ivan gave me the best haircut of my life and everyone at Pilo Arts waited on me hand and foot. So, if you want to feel like a total princess, RUN to Pilo Arts.
Pilo Arts is well worth the trip to Brooklyn (and you get a nice view of the Verrazzano Bridge).
Pros: Service, Talent, Prices
Cons: Crowded on weekends
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended